Cohn High 1985 ring found!  

Posted 12-3-2017................

Saturday December 2, 2017  lost Cohn High ring reunited with its owner.

Steve Massingale entered Cohn High school as a freshman in the fall semester of 1981. Freshmen had the opportunity of purchasing their senior ring while a freshman. Steve ordered his ring. He had no idea that the school would be closing after his sophomore year. Steve, however, was lucky in that he was able to stay in the Cohn High building his junior and senior year. He went to the old Pearl High building only one day and that was for Senior Day. Technically both buildings were then Pearl-Cohn the story  begins.

In the late 80's Steve lost his class ring. After yesterday, Steve thinks that maybe he had not lost the ring after all but had misplaced it because later it was discovered in the pocket of a jacket that he gave to a thrift shop in about 2004. Lawrence and Bernadine Bowman had started a business in Clarksville, Tn. that gathered up loads of jackets from area thrift stores and sold them to out-of state thrift shops. When going through the pockets the Bowmans discovered the ring. Not knowing who the ring belonged to they just put in a cup with other items in their kitchen. About five weeks ago Bernadine was pouring out some things in the cup when the ring dropped out. Right then Lawrence thought to himself that he was going to take a stab at finding the owner.

He googled Cohn High and found our website. He looked around the site and read some of our posts of news. Luckily he saw the homecoming post that listed my phone number. Friday, November 3rd Lawrence called me and the search was on.....and as you now know it ended well.....there are a few more in's and out's concerning this search but I will not bore you with all of them.....the Bowmans live in Clarksville, Tn. and yesterday day Steve and his wife, Jan, and I traveled to Clarksville and had lunch with the Bowmans at the Cracker Barrel where Lawrence and Bernadine turned over the ring to Steve.......below you will see Steve being very grateful to get his ring back ( L to R: Lawrence and Bernadine, Steve and Farrell ).........all's well that ends well.    Farrell Owens/class of 1963    2017-18 Cohn High Alumni President       PS: Lawrence served in combat in Vietnam and received the Purple Heart. Thanks for your service Mr. Lawrence Bowman!