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Roy Clary - Cohn football star dies!                           

Message to Cheerleaders!                          

Another Bobby Strickland message!                        

Another Cohn High football reminder!                   

Another reminder about November 22nd!                          

Cohn High football legend dies!                 

Cohn High Football exhibit/celebration                  

Kayo Smith dies!      



Cohn High School Band Recordings being sold!  

Cohn High Alumni Celebrates Baseball Heritage October 17th                     

Class of 1959 has Reunion Today!                             

Julie Worrall Riley - Alumni officer dies!                 

Cohn High Celebrates Homecoming!                       

Class of 1970 looking for missing classmates!                       

Cohn High class of 1960 is preparing for their 50th Reunion!                         

Cohn High Alumni Association awards scholarship!                           

Former teacher, Hazel R. Oliver dies!                      

Homecoming Bar-B-Que is October 1st!                                

Cohn Alumni Association to Honor Baseball Heritage!                     

Class of 1969 is having a reunion                                

Tommy Hatfield wins National Award!                   

Class of 1969 holding a reunion!                                

N.I.L. Champions 1945-1946-1947


Cohn Football Celebration DVD available!                             

BIG Football day November 22nd!                           

THANKS for Cohn High Football!!                              

Another Strickland ( '61 ) email!                 

Cohn High Football Awards Show!!                          

Phil Ponder's Cohn High prints available.

Free Health Screening at the Cohn High Cafeteria!                           

Pancake Breakfast in the Cohn HS Cafeteria!                       

Alumni Association meets this Thursday, March 3rd!                       

Book signing is this Saturday, February 19th!                       

February 12th Track Celebration goes GREAT!                    

Big Day this Saturday, February 12th                       

Mrs. Kerr Dunkerley turns 96 years young!                          

Alumni Secretary Writes poem!                                

Cohn Basketball Celebrated in Grand Fashion!                   

Cohn High Basketball Celebration is this Saturday, January 29th!                                

Nashville's Sylvan Park book signing at the Alumni Center!                           

Scholarship Applications are Available!                   

Track Celebration is February 12th                           

Great turnout for January 6th alumni meeting!                  

Alumni Association to meet this Thursday, January 6th                   

Message from the Alumni President!                     

Coach George Morton dies!                        

Former Cohn Coach Eddie Adelman to be Honored!                        

Cohn High Celebrates Basketball Heritage!                           

Community Education in Danger at Cohn High!

Mrs. Margaret Adelman, former Cohn teacher dies!                       

Alumni Association takes over Responsibility of Sykes Field Monument                 

1952-53 Student Body President dies!                    

Pancake Breakfast just around the corner!                          

Class of '52 very proud of Eddie Mitchell and Billy Morton!                            

Names for Cohn High mascots, yearbooks and newspaper!                         

Charlie Anderson going into Metro Schools Hall of Fame!                              

Allen Pettus ( class of 1940 ) turns 90 this Sunday!                             

Huge Honor for Carlton Tarkington - Class of 1955                             

Tommy Wells ( '57 ) to be Honored!                        

Scholarship applications are available!                    

Coach Adelman turns 90 years young this coming Sunday!                            

2012 Homecoming is October 5th!                            

Class of 1962 looking for misplaced classmates!                  

Pancake Breakfast at Cohn High is April 21st!                       

Former Cohn High teacher turns 97 years young!                              

Buddy Hickman dies! Class of 1952                           

Ray Hogan dies! Class of 1956                     

Cohn High Alumnus to get Lift Chair!                       


Alumni Association has wheelchair and lift chair for use!